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Who's up for a Ride?

Time to enjoy an adventure in Central Texas

Who's up for a Ride?
Heading 5

We have several rides planned for the weekend... When you sign up for a ride at the Host Hotel, you will be provided the link up time and location.

Savage Souls Ride
This one is just for females. That's right ladies, get those bikes ready for a ride. Let's show our numbers with a full female ride.
POC - "KornDog"

Central Loop
Take a ride through Central Texas on the south loop. Hug the turns and love that wind therapy.
POC - "Fast Eddie"

West Texas
Check out what West Texas looks like here in Central Texas.
POC - "Slick"

Where We Started
Cruise with the family back to where we started at the Coffee Shop Cafe in McGregor.
POC - "Delby"

More Locations
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